Top 5 Extreme adventure sports


Don’t ask for security ask for adventure”. -Jim Rohner

If you want something extreme in your life then it is the opportunity for you to do something unbelievable. That gives you memorable days to remember for your entire life. This adventure helps you to forget all the stress and anxiety given by your work 

1. Volcano surfing in Nicaragua

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For young tourists or students, it is a very unique experience to surf some volcanoes in Nicaragua. This is an extreme sport that you can do along the slope of volcano Cerro Negro. The descent is carried out on the board of plywood or metal ashes of volcano. It take 45 minutes approximately to climb the hill. Before volcano surfing you should wear knee pads, eye wear and special clothes.

2. Hiking in Mount Huashan in China


The hiking in Mount Huashan proves to be very exciting. It is included in the list of World Heritage of Natural Sites. ”Lights of Buddha” or a circular rainbow opens here for the tourists.The wonder of nature occurs due to lightning effects from the location of clouds below the top. At the foot there are hot springs of around 45 degrees. Many people come here to see the view of incredible sunrise at an altitude of 1000 meters.

3. Paragliding in the Jungfrau, Switzerland or Queenstown, New Zealand


If you are interested in paragliding, this place is awesome for you .This sport is quite new but each year it is becoming very popular and it can take you 1000 to 3000 feet above .These days it is very safe to do this type of adventure sport because they provide proper precautions and full safety.  

4. Diving with Whale Sharks in Australia

To experience even more adrenaline, dive with the wild shark in Australia .You can easily see the whale shark on Little English and the Sibsey Island. From the surface up to 27 meters you need to dive into the water in the cages. This experience can be the best experience of your life. In addition to whale shark, at the Ningaloo Reef in Australia, you can see moray eels, giant stingrays, rare turtles, dolphins and Clown fishes.

5. Swimming in the Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

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Swimming in the Devil’s Pool, located in Victoria Falls, Zambia, is trip for those who want something really adventurous. Not everybody can dare to swim in Devil’s Pool. You don’t have to be afraid to fall into the waterfall because the natural stone walls under the water at the edge of waterfall stop the flow of water, ensuring safety of tourists.

So these are some of the highly adventurous sports that everybody would want to try at-least once in their life. What are you waiting for? Grab your bags and experience the thrill and fun of these sports.

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