Goa, India

It is situated in India’s western coast that lies in the Konkan region. Goa has been ruled by various dynasties starting from the Rashtrakutas, Bahmani Muslims to the recent rulers, the Portuguese colonists. The essence of each of the dynasty has been amalgamated by Goa as one glorious whole.

The Indian government with a group of freedom fighters started to consider Goa as a part of India after being liberated from the Portuguese in 1961. Initially, Goa was regarded as a Union Territory but later, on 30th May 1987, Goa achieved the statehood and became the 25th Indian state.

Goan culture is unique as compared to the rest of India due to the presence of various cultural influences. The majority of the population in Goa is that of Hindus and Christians (others religions including Islam being in minority) therefore, there has been a long tradition of religious harmony and tolerance. People in Goa celebrate all the festivals from Ganesh Chaturti and Eid to Christmas with passion and love.