Rann of Kutch, India

  • The history of Rann of Kutch is part of Kutch district which is of prehistoric times.
  • It is a region in the extreme west of the western Indian state of Gujarat.
  • Several sites are related to Indus valley civilization.
  • In historical times, Kutch is mentioned in Greek writings. It was ruled by Menander 1 which was replaced by Indo-Scythians followed by Maurya-Empire and Sakas. in the first century, it was under followed by. Kutch was divided and ruled by three different branches.
  • In the sixteenth century, Kutch was unified. Kutch culture is the symbol of Gujarati culture.
  • Kutch people believe in supernatural powers.
  • Tattoos are the popular part of Kutch culture, music plays an important role in cultural lives.
  • Various instruments are used by Kutch people Manjira, Dholak, Morchang, Nalvadan, and Algoza.