Lavasa, India

There are many destinations like Aditya Shagun, Nucleus, Maripex and Big Bazar. City malls and street shops are full of jewellery, home appliances etc. Some of the attractions places for shopping are:

  • Lonavala Bazar – It is one of the place offering full of people shopping, talking and vibrancy of this place. The market is full of attractive jewellery, colourful trinkets and various products made of cane.



  • Chetana Footwear – This famous place is located on MG Road. As the name suggests, it is famous for well-known brands of footwear. The variety of designs and styles would definitely bound the customers to buy at least one pair. Not even footwear but also offers umbrellas and raincoats.
  • Westend Mall – This mall offers all stores, brands, restaurants, cinemas, entertainment, sales, events. It is multi-use commercial development appearing featured shopping mall.